Roxy Broeffle Project Manager

As WFS Lead Project Manager, Roxy has successfully overseen 30 different project installations, in 7 different states. An accomplished multi-tasker, Roxy has proven to be a valuable asset to WFS and our Customers.  


About Us

Our Mission


At WFS nothing will be placed over the importance of safety. Creating a safe work environment for our employees and customers is the first step to a successful project.  


02. Integrity 

Integrity is a crucial part of any successful business. You can review a contractors safety record, performance record, financials, and experience level, but until you do business with them you will never know about their integrity. At Warrior, you will never have to worry about integrity. We treat our customers with the upmost respect, honesty, and humility. Without YOU the Customer, we are nothing!


03. Quality Work

As a Company or Project Manager, you are only as successful as your projects are. Poor quality projects are a negative reflection on YOU and the Contractor. WFS strives to perform all of our services to the maximum industry standards and beyond.

04. Customer Service

You can always depend on WFS to provide you with unbeatable customer service; even if you are not a current customer! If you have a question about a project, budget, design or just want to talk, our leadership team is available 24/7 to help you in any way we can. 


Henry Lovelady Vice-President

Henry started in the HDD business over 30 years ago with Ray Davis Utilities. After selling his very own successful HDD business, Henry joined WFS in 2018.


Wesley Flaming General Superintendent

With over 35 years in pipeline construction, Wesley has installed hundreds of miles of pipe. Wesley is well known as the bottom line. If anybody can do it, Wesley can. His never quit attitude along with his leadership skills are unsurpassed. 


Tiny Matlock Director of HDD Crossings

Over his 30 year history in HDD, Tiny has installed numerous world record crossings. His knowledge of Directional Drilling is recognized worldwide. Tiny has installed and designed hundreds of complex crossings in his career. 


Wayne Johnson Director of Project Management

Wayne has over 25 years experience working on both the company and contractor sides of oil & gas. Wayne is an expert in permitting, regulatory guidance, industry standards, QA/QC and construction management. 


Dwayne Wankan President

Dwayne has over 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry, and is the founder and President of WFS. Dwayne is an expert in Pipeline Construction including HDD installations. Dwayne@warriorfsllc.com

Safety First!

Warrior Field Services is proud of its safety record! Warrior has EMR of less than 1and a TRIR of zero! Warrior is a member of these and other safety programs!

Experience and Knowledge you can depend on.


Warrior Field Services provides in-house, turnkey pipeline installation. From right-of-way clearing to directional drills to hydrotesting, WFS is 100% self sufficient.

Warrior has installed hundreds of miles of pipelines for numerous clients over the past 20 years. From traditional carbon steel, HDPE, Fiberspar, Flexsteel, ZapLock, and PVC, WFS has the experience to do it all. 

WFS is a proven leader in major directional crossings, and has over 200 years combined HDD experience. In fact, Warriors management group was involved in the very invention of the HDD process over 30 years ago.

WFS also builds compressor stations, provides lease/service crews, does pad/dirt work, and can also provide heavy haul trucking. WFS also installs HDPE for water transfer systems, builds pump stations, and does storage pit excavation.

WIth an unbeatable safety record over the past 20 years, combined with long-term repeat customers, WFS proudly stands by our motto; "Value nothing over integrity, but safety!"