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​Warrior Field Services LLC

Warrior Field Services, LLC. is committed to avoiding all unplanned injuries, equipment damage, negative impact, security breaches or delays in production.

It is WFS's policy to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and productive working environment. Preservation must be emphasized. Human life is invaluable. The construction environment is of paramount importance.

From the pre-job planning process to the employee indoctrination and training programs our target is always proper execution and high levels of supervision during a project.

It is mandatory of each manager, supervisor and employee to effectively implement this policy in our daily operations.

WFS views training, whether it’s Safety, Health, and Environmental or skill based qualifications, as an established shared and common knowledge which is essential to our continuous improvement philosophy. Our Corporate Safety, Health, and Environmental training program focuses on established industry comprehensive curriculum.

WFS's supervisory and field personnel training requirements; Hazard identification, pre-mobilization planning, regulatory leadership training, Safe Driver Training, and emergency procedures training, go above standard required orientation and are delivered by WFS's seasoned Safety, Health and Environmental instructors.